Laurence Ellis
June 8, 2009, 5:49 pm
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Laurence Ellis


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oh my god i’m in love with this girl. who is she?!


Comment by danno~

love the softness. very natural and pure.

Comment by Billy Kidd

very nice.

Comment by drowninsanity

first pic is sooooooooo amazing

Comment by hero

Amazing! Love the last pic, and love the hair do!

Comment by Tamara

Good stuff

Comment by NIKI

3rd pic is very Nova. Has this lovely 70’s soft vibe about them, but super subtle and really modern too… hmm, new favorite photographer!

Comment by anna

so boring.
sériously, could these new generation of fashion photographer stop producing this images, they all look the same : paf ! desaturation / red voile.

Comment by arnaud

Which agency is this photographer with? Do you know his website too?

I’m in Love xxxxxx

Comment by jamie

Totally disagree arnaud. I’ve seen this photographers work and probably one of the most diverse in his use of colour and tonality. To coment based on a couple of images from a blog is a little weak. Wouldfn’t mind seeing him shoot some brunettes though 😉

Comment by alex

really cool!

Comment by dobedo

This is fresh. it’s really rare that a photo make you stop and pause. these did

Comment by dobe

Alex, ok, i ll sharpen my statement. This photographer fuels the actuel boringness of fashion photography : images are nice, pretty, well “realized” but so empty, nothing, no an once of emotion, pure posture, no “stories”, nothing to back the series up, no ideas, juste “nice”, cute blabla. And that is what is find a bit sad. I thought that, years ago, fashiion photography was creative…no you really have to dig deep to find interesting series, and mostly you have to go within small audience magazines. anyway, juste a point of view, but, please, stop being ecstatic, stop being “in love”, stop claiming that this is “soooooooo amazing”.

Comment by arnaud

*now you really have …

Comment by arnaud

Hi Arnaud

You are clearly still living in the 90’s. A decade of dull ‘narrative’ and ‘creative’ stories. I’m sure you like a bit of jumping around and some good old fashioned props! Sadly this is very dated, a bit like your point of view.

The beauty is the stillness, something you obviously miss.. I wonder, there seems to be an element of biterness to your comments arnaud, maybe you’re getting a bit long in the tooth. Seems like the new wave have spoken and you’re no longer part of the NOW.

Comment by alex

I actually think this photographer is at the forefront of the young new wave.
I look forward to seeing some new work soon.

Comment by alex

I think Laurence’s work speaks for itself. And he is really talented and unique! I love his work!! xx

Comment by chrisna

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Comment by Exhibitionist Wife

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